Mrs Fitz Birthday

Tomorrow is Mrs Fitz Birthday..

So instead of the usual buying of cake we gone a little further.. this is for her work colleagues..

All our own hard working!

Stuffed peppers.. with cream cheese.. ‎ olives.. feta.. fresh falafel.. brushetta .. topped with very good pesto, chorizo and roasted artichokes.. sausage rolls.. of course made with Mr Fitz sausage ‘stuff’ x

About the sausage rolls.. did them with chestnut stuffing.. and apple sauce ‎.. folded into the pastry.. shop bought.. anchor butter version.. quite good to be fair!

What else?

Loads of snacks.. crackers.. a cheese board.. houmous and rissoto balls.. endame beans seasoned with a Japanese seasoning..

Lots for her work people to get on with..

Catering I call it! X

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  1. You should have said and I would have baked her a cake. X


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