Mrs Fitz birthday T Bone & bubbles

‎It’s Mrs Fitz’s birthday.. so bubbles, gifts and her favourite supper is called for..

After a visit ‎to a very good pal of mine today.. and a quick hit in his local farm shop.. to introduce him to the mighty fine Roscoff onions.. although at a price of FIVE yup.. FIVE English pounds for the string.. crazy huh?

Got Mrs Fitz a T Bone.. (also pretty expensive!) yet hopefully from a good beast.. it seems to be..

Mrs Fitz loves steak.. I am indifferent to it really.. yet a good one is very good.. always.. x

So to serve with?

Crinkle chips.. fried in olive oil.. dusted with the Marseille ‎ salt and vinegar seasoning.. blanched first and spun in a clean sheet to take a bunch of starch out.. learnt that from Father Fitz.. who learnt it from Pappy.. I can still remember the love and patience that went into producing the best chips ever! Simply served with cold cuts.. wonderful!

Peas and broccoli.. time for greens!

For me?

Mr Fitz old English bangers.. skinless as this is the left over mix from the sausage rolls I made for Mrs Fitz to take to work.. and from what I understand they went down pretty well.. cool!

The T Bone seems to have gone down a treat.. and that is for sure what you should always have for your birthday.. a good treat and your best loved supper..

Love you Mrs Fitz.. Happy birthday baby x

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3 replies

  1. Luv ya Mr Fitz, u make my world complete


  2. Happy Birthday to Mrs Fitz, and many more…!!
    xo, Angie.


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