Seriously super short sausage rolls 

I hear that New York has just discovered the sausage roll?? Really? Well I reckon it must be due to the lack of ‘proper’ sausages in the states perhaps? Dunno? 

Well I though u would try a new pastry recipe from Delia today.. Is a rainy heat cold day.. So what better than savoury baking right?

So this recipe calls for plain flour.. Salt and grated lard.. I added some thyme to make it a little more interesting.. Plus some Bristol blend pepper..

Cut through with a knife.. You don’t want to get your hands in at all..

Cut it through.


And just the gentlest splash of ice water to bring it together .. Finally getting it into a sort of ball shape..

 That has to go on the fridge to get the flour fairies to do their thing.. 

In the meantime get some great sausage meat.. Adding a little chopped raw pink onion, sage, white pepper and a good scrape of nutmeg..


Attempt to roll out the pastry.. I say attempt as this is serous short stuff it’s crumbly as the crumbliest thing you can imagine!

It takes some care I tell you!

The oven is on 220 real money.. Getting hot..

Sausage meat placed into the pastry..


Sticking with egg wash.. 

Repeat until all used up..cut and into the oven 

And cooked for twenty minutes. 


Left to cool..

And snaffled with of course a drop of tommy K .. 

I get to eat the more misshapen ones.. A cooks perk let’s call it! 

Delicious ..



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14 replies

  1. Beautiful sausage rolls. Misshapen? that’s so British. (polite) I call mine the rejects.

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  2. These looks worth the effort with the short..short pastry. They are like the ones I used to have growing up. Yummy I wish I could just grab one out right now! I can’t believe NY has only just found the sausage roll… Thanks for sharing this with us at Fiesta Friday this week!

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  3. My Mom made her own sausage, love your sausage rolls they look awesome and ahem…. NYC has some pretty awesome sausage if I do say so myself.

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  4. Tweaked my interest so off to “google” I went! Read a few articles/recipes. Funny – as I make appetizers that are similar. Such as using biscuit dough to encase different fillings such as sausage, or puff pastry (already made) to make palmiers stuffed with meat, cheese and cut into pieces. I kind of make a different version but I like your recipe a lot – I just take a shortcut. Thanks for sharing something new – I’m glad sausage rolls have been discovered here. Happy FF 🙂

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  5. Ha ha I read that article :). More like a rolled sausage? 🙂 Anyway, I’ll have you know that for one of my appetizers for Thanksgiving, I will be serving up sausage rolls. I’ve never made it, but loved it when I lived in England. I’ve got a good recipe too from another blogger, and will now incorporate yours too, although I daresay that the pastry looks a tad challenging.

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