Chicken, chips & rice 

what is it about chicken and chips? Or chicken and rice? Just why does it pair up so well? Why oh why! 😩

Strange that huh? 

Well this one was no different.. 

A great chicken spatchcocked and slashed.. 

First the spices.. And for this one it’s a chicken tikka blend from the national brand.. Sure you can blend your own yet when this one is done so well for you already… Hey cmon right? 


And then the ‘trick’.. 

About eight tablespoons of lemon juice.. And about four of white vinegar.. It helps everything stick yet also penetrate as much as possible .. And a good thwap of ginger and garlic paste.. Something magical happens when you do that.. 

 Left for a few hours to get its groove on in the magic oven .. (That’s the fridge by the way..😉)., 

Then onto the bars of the oven with a tray underneath to catch the juices.. 


This will cook in half the time  than if left in a whole piece.. 
In the meantime heat some uncle bens Mexican rice and the jolly green giant sweet corn.. Both of those are so good and no nasties involved.. (Of course adding a smear of butter!).. 

And sweet potato fries from the freezer.. Plus some leftover fries.. Into the oven.. Yeah I keep leftover fries.. I like them room temperature as a snack !and killer in a hot meat sandwich..try it! 

The chicken dropped from its rack into the tray below and wrapped a little to rest and soak the juices back up.. 


Some natural yoghurt as a cooler and flavour blender .. 

And enjoy!

Chicken chips and rice.. Why? Hehehe.. Why not huh? 


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  1. Why not indeed!! It’s breakfast time but I want this!!!

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