Five guys.. 

Five guys.. I loved five guys.. Whenever in the states and paying the right money! 

Like here..

Not really like the one I took Mrs Fitz to today.. Although we were both hungry and there was nothing in the fridge.. That’s the problem with this running things down in your pantry! 

It was still good though.. 


I went little burger with hot sauce, grilled mushrooms, grilled onions and lettuce..  And of course a big bag of them fries.. I do indeed dig those fries.. 
Mrs Fitz for a little cheeseburger with mayo, jalepenos and lettuce perhaps another veggie type thing too.. 

And of course the refill drinks .. I do like the flavour combos available from those neat machines.. Although no root beer .. Humph..

Well was it good?


Yeah… It was…

Just don’t like the price this side of the pond!




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  1. The potatoes are good, I’ll admit. And if you take advantage of the free peanuts, the price doesn’t hurt so much. But why all that aluminum foil?

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