Homemade scotch eggs & sausage rolls

Bring out the classics!!

Sausage rolls as we all know are the schizzle.. These were up to scratch..

Using some of those orange ticketed items!

Hampshire sired free range Sage and onion stuffing balls ‘meat’ (sorry).. The same pork chipolatas..


Mixed up with herbs de Provence and fresh nutmeg.. Have been speaking with Father Fitz about the liberal use of nutmeg.. It’s his new ‘thing’..


Puff pastry from the big freezer defrosted. Rolled and the mix squished on top..


Cut into two bite pieces.. Slashed and brushed with egg wash..


Into a heated oven at 210 degrees real money temperature..

Till lovely and puffy and Goldeny ..


Scotch eggs .. They got a bad press due to those nasty ones in individual plastic bags.. Bad weird pinky gloopy meat and a green egg inside!


There has been a revised love of the scotch egg .. Many serving them runny with fanciful meats, black pudding and the like.. Why not! The scotch egg ( having nothing to do with Scotland by the way! Scotch is to breadcrumb and dry something.).. Has come a very long way from when it was packed for travellers leaving from Fortnum and masons in Piccadilly .

Check out there offering here.. Pretty reasonable ? I think so..


Unless of course you at making them yourself!

From orange ticket chestnut stuffing and free range large eggs..


Breadcrumbs made by popping orange ticket bread with umami rush seasoning and blitzing in the JO processor..



They were mixed with so shee bse Provence (we own such a big bag of them right now!.. ).. And seasoning..

The eggs peeled and rolled in cornstarch..


A very time consuming process of taking out most of the larger chestnut pieces.. Just for taste although I think I shouldn’t of bothered!

Flattened out.. The egg on top..


Using cling film means that you can fold it all up nice and tight..


I know that’s not a great shot!

Rolled in corn flour and dunked in egg wash..


Before crumbing ..


And frying in mrs Middletons to get a crust..


Then popping in the oven to finish off.. This way trying to keep them ‘healthy ‘.. Ahem..



Twenty minutes later..

Plus ten to let them cool..

Scotch eggs! Yay!!


Dusted with celery salt, black pepper and fines de herbs.

Brilliant classics.. Blinkin easy!!

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12 replies

  1. Another moment of true brilliance. I predict this shall be a great year for you Mr Fitz! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful! Feeling nostalgic for great British grub!


  3. I’ve never had scotch eggs but think they sound delicious. They really are pretty easy to make it’s an entire breakfast or meal in one neat package.


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