St Stephens day ( Boxing Day).. Use-up..

St Stephens day.. As it’s called in eire.. Or Boxing Day as others may be more au fait with perhaps..

It’s a day of leftovers mainly.. A good bubble and squeak with cold cuts perhaps? ( now find right that is indeed yummy!).. Yet this year our leftovers are minimum.. Just this lovely steak..


I did though buy some turkey you know.. I fancied a turkey and stuffing sandwich at some point.. Yet my refusal to join in the cooking of a whole bird..( don’t even get me started on those poor bloated limbless numbers!!).. Left me with one choice..

Reduced pricing on the deli counter.. And I scored a doozy!


Yup you are indeed reading that right.. What a superb price for a lovely provision ..

Cool huh? (Actually bought the lot and bagged it up.. It’s in the freezer now. .. Just over 1.4 kilos!!).. Less than the price of a chicken..

And thanks to the almighty gods if corporate consumerism the shops are all back open again. Which I do think is a little wrong really.. Not just for the Christian bit .. Just more about letting people have a break..

It does mean though that good items are already kicking about reduced.. Not just beds, kitchens and sofas ..

Christmas food too!!

I bought quite a lot of it in the local store.. Reduced from £3.39 to less than 80 pence.. (Pop that into !!).. All kinds.. And all good.. Good job for freezer space.. !

So after peeling and par boiling some inca bellas .. Adding mrs Middletons oil.. What a great colour! And some of these (orange ticket).. free range Hampshire sired piggies in blankets..


Into the oven till lovely and roasted!!


Whilst that was happening the reduced mushrooms got chopped up , French garlic added, some pancetta fat.. And some herb de Provence..


That wonderful steak added..


And in a few shakes of the pan it’s ready.. !!

Also some Hampshire free range sage. & onion stuffing.. Squished and fried up. (Orange ticketed of course!..


All plated up.. The steak for Mrs Fitz the honey roast butter free range turkey for me..


Umm almost looks like the kinda food one may have ummm say the day before st Stephens/boxing day right?

(Yet at a fraction of the cost and maximum on the taste!)..



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5 replies

  1. Loving the potatoes roasted with piggies in blankets idea. That sounds like such a good combination of flavours. Definitely going straight on my ‘to try’ list.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a beautiful picture – foodporn at its best. The sticker, that is 😉
    I like the way you managed to get the traditional leftover food without having to eat the actual Christmas dinner! Looking forward to the turkey curry ca. January 5

    Liked by 1 person

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