Christmas Chimchurri hanger steak, roasted red sprouts, king spuds

Christmas lunch..

That one meal each year that terrifies and delights ..

That one meal that has people eating things they never would normally.. (Or maybe that’s just a British thing?)..

Particularly that turkey thing… (I say thing as most ‘turkeys’ are just bloated crowns .. And that’s one crown I just don’t want Thankyou very muchly..).. (My apologies in advance if you actually did get a lovely bird that came with all it’s limbs intact..)..

And massive amounts of dubious gammon.. Why? I do understand ‘tradition’ I really do, yet surely it’s actually about eating good food with good company?

No forced fun nor force feeding? ( not just those poor animals to gain weight.. Or injecting them with some sort of brine? Yuck !! Also the humans!!).. Right?


Following the rules of eating what you would like best for this lunch .. This is what we had…

A wonderful piece of hanger steak.. Onglet if you like..


A beautiful well aged piece from a localish bullock..


That’s Mr Wentworth checking it out..

Then chopped to fit.. And smothered in a Chimchurri fresh sauce..


Now.. Chimchurri sauce apart from being I think the BEST sauce for a steak ever in the world .. Has a few different recipes.. Not wildly different yet little touches..

This is this one for this delightful supper.. And it also had all the colours if Christmas..


Into the JO processor and some xylitol added.


This smells so so fresh.. That parsley was perfect .. ( it came out of a friends garden..)..


So that’s the steak getting it’s Christmas Chimchurri groove on..

Spuds? King Edwards .. Boiled and into smoking hot beef dripping..


Fresh rosemary from the garden..


Straight into the pan .. With the spuds..

Also into the oven went the red sprouts. Tossed in mrs Middletons oil, black pepper and maldon salt..


These need a shake every now and then to stop them from going totally black..(yet that is kinda the point!). .. Now that we have had the first frosts we can eat Brussel sprouts.. I really don’t think they are that good before that. (There’s tradition for ya!)..

Time to fire up the weber. Great steak meets fire.. Yeah!!


Onto red coals for not much time at all. Three minutes a side max..



With the spuds and sprouts done too. And done of the reserved Chimchurri sauce to go on top..


That’s a Merry Christmas indeed..


And We have the most perfect leftovers!


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16 replies

  1. Oh it looks so good! I love hanger steak and wit chimichurri, my kind of Christmas, and any time of the year! I still haven’t barbecued my hanger steak but feel inspired! 🙂

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  2. I am so with you on this – Christmas food should be about what tastes good and what you want to eat. We had rack of lamb. According to my son, turkey is an American tradition with goose being the English tradition. Goose is much tastier with the bonus of all that lovely goose fat! I’ve never been fond of turkey – impossible to roast properly unless it’s in bits and fairly tasteless – much rather have a happy chicken instead! Your meat looks fabulous – properly hung and aged and that chimichuri sauce looks so delicious! Hope you and the Mrs had a good Christmas – here’s to a delicious 2015!

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  3. I’m with you on the bloated crown Fitz . . . not much for turkeys or chickens actually, although the stir fried and deep fried bird nuggets are pretty good . . . . Chimichurri is my new jam, I’m putting it on everything. Looks fabulous on those potatoes too! Merry merry!

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  4. Hanger steak with chimichurri is a classic at our place, but usually in the summer, since it reminds me of Argentina, but maybe we should do more of it in winter. We also took the beef option this year for our dinner – a beef bourguignon with a good infusion of brandy.

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  5. I’m not a big fan of turkey either!! As someone who has only recently started to eat beef… this looks SO GOOD!!! 😀

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  6. I would prefer this meal over turkey any ole day! Yum!

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  7. Just as I was considering going vegetarian … just kidding. But that meat looks fantastic! Glad to see no turkey, too 🙂



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