Brioche bun burgers and spud skinz salad

Home made burgers .. The best there are really.. You get to choose the meat .. Reduce the fat and collagen percentages and season as you choose.. Cool !


Tonites were seasoned hard..

Veal jus powder , italian mix from Amsterdam and nutritional yeast powder.. Plus some ‘ extras’..

Dried onion too and rolled into balls..


Then rolled out under cling wrap..


(Ok that appeared in the previous pic right?..)..

Fried in the iron pan..


These are loosely based on my attorney’s burgers he makes.. Yet these are supercharged !

The brioche buns are temperamental !

They catch quick in the toaster.. Ooops !


That upset Mrs Fitz..

Now these spud skin salad thingies ?

First bake spuds ..


Cut in half ..


Scoop em out..


Put-the flesh through the ricer with an egg yolk, butter , milk and seasonings..




That made the mashy for the mini steak pies and yorkies..


With a mushroom gravy..


That was a prior meal though!!

Get those skins and oil them up with Lebanese pimped mrs Middletons herb oil..


Into the oven .. Then a mixed chopped salad in French dressing spooned inside..


Have to say they were stunning !!

Crisp potato skin meets lovely dressed salad .. And some to go for tomorrow’s breakfast too!


That’s happening again for sure !!

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6 replies

  1. You are making me hungry! Have never heard of veal jus powder, what else do you use it for? Great spuds 🙂

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  2. Shit! That is truly awesome. The salad thing in the skins is genius 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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