Orange squash and sausage rolls

Late breakfast today.. The winds were strong last night and lots of fences are down round our way.. We seem to have been ok.. Fingers crossed..

Haven’t been out yet to see which trees have been brought down . Hope it’s not many.. I like trees.. Trees are cool.. X

A nice late breakfast was needed.. Of course having a pack of Mr Fitz Lincolnshire sausages in the fridge helped seal the deal. Actually the burgers brown egg was the ‘sealer’ ..

More on that shortly…

Store bought butter puff pastry.. Rolled.. Mr Fitz glorious Lincolnshire bangers de- robed and placed atop..

Edges brushed with the beaten burford brown egg .. And turned to seal..

Brushed all over with the remaining egg wash.

Into a 200 degree oven for 24 minutes.. Until risen. X

Left to cool for as long as we could muster the patience for.

Served with reggae reggae sauce for Mrs Fitz , and a good dollop of stokes red sauce for me.

Oh! The orange squash? That was my juice. I like orange squash ., it reminds me of childhood.. Dunno why really I only had it in other peoples houses.. Maybe that’s it.. Perhaps.. any ways I drink it and reckon I could play a mean game of tennis afterwards..

Although possibly not.. Hahaha .. Ahem.. Ahhh







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  1. Have you thought of a sweet version of sausage rolls? I would love to know how that would go.


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