Home made burgers.. C’mon you know they are great!!

Got some great reduced quality beef mince from the store that is actually not too bad to get to anymore..

Went easy on it .. Didn’t want to ruin the flavour .. So a drop of Worcestershire some chilli salt and Bristol blend pepper will suffice. And some frozen shallots..

Squidged together and into the burger press .. If you haven’t got one you really should!! They are pretty cost effective.. And make a great patty of any depth.,

Went skinnyish on these., turned out ten burgers!! So at a cost of just over three pounds for the meat that’s a great deal in anyone’s book right?

Onto waxed disks and wrapped to spend an evening in the fridge..,

Served for lunch today.. Tried making them into heart shapes for the valentines effect.. Nah.. Would have ruined them!!

Into thin pitta.. With a salad of soft Steve’s leaves and some organic red onion.. Dressed with the last of the newmans ranch dressing..

Chilli mayo for Mrs Fitz.. A drop of jalapeño sauce for me..

Delicious indeedo!!

Now the spuds.. Umm wanted to Nike them then cut them into heart shapes.. To make heart shaped sautéed potatoes.. Couldn’t find a heart cookie cutter .. And the spuds were slightly over done.. Pantaloons.. Humph!

So decided to kinda fry them in pimped roscoff mrs Middletons garlic oil.. And some of the pimped Italian chilli mrs Middletons oil.. Salt and good twists of Bristol blend pepper.. Oh and some herbs de Provence!!

They were ok.. Don’t bother making them.. Shoulda gone with the ‘flatties’ I read the other day.. Ah well never mind.

Well .. The burgers were great indeed.. A perfect lunch.. And fantastic value ..

Cool x








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13 replies

  1. Love the shot with your pup! 🙂


  2. Love home made burgers! What a great thing to bring to Fiesta Friday! Yum!


  3. Ahh..Looks delicious and inspiring yet again Mr Fitz!


  4. Homemade burgers are always the best. I love your basset hound – one of my sisters used to have one; “Muffy” would run around the house barking and hiding her treats 🙂


  5. Nothing quite like fresh burgers I got a press that makes stuffed burgers n its awesome



  1. Happy Valentine’s Day! (also Fiesta Friday #3) | The Novice Gardener

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