Nandos.. Really? Yeah really ..,

Met up with some great pals that we haven’t seen for like AGES!!

They were bringing their kids to the local mall to get new kicks.. (See down with the kids me !!)..

So we took the opportunity to meet up and catch up, of course this is always better over food.. Easier to stay in the shopping zone .. A choice was made.. Nandos.. Heck it’s chicken right? And usually of a good standard.. And it was just what it says it is to be fair.. This is a real busy Nandos .. Do lucky Mrs Fitz called ahead and got the table for seven..

Terrible thing cutting lines.. And this was prime time for the queue ! However due to the forethought we were shown to the table.. Umm just in view of the line!! Hahaha

We did the great thing of viewing the menu even though we all knew what we wanted.. You gotta go through that though.. It’s ritual right?

So placed the order. A BIG one. The kind that you gulp when they ring it through the till. Still this is a treat.. Am thinking though.. We could have cooked so so so much good food!! Ah well ..

It took a while, yet due to some negotiation.. Ok I admit it ‘pure hustle’ we had some nuts and olives to snack on with our drinks.. I love those crushed ice dispensers .. One day will have one!!

The food arrived in good time.. It is what it is.. Kinda expensive yet tasty enough.. And that wild herb piri piri rocks!!

All done.. Good conversation.. Nice to catch up..

Oh! And desert .. They were outta frozen yogurt .. So ‘negotiated’ once more.. For two of the Portuguese custard tarts .. Unfortunately not the full on lard pastry.. Yet good enough. And hey! They were ‘free’.. Ahem..

Nandos.. It does what it says.. Just wish they used better fries.. Boo.. Chargrilled corn is lovely though.. Corn on the cob on the grill.. Wonderful!!

See you soon the Ramsays!! Love ya!






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  1. Mr Fitz so good to catch up with you and Mrs F yesterday, yes Nandos is what it is and it did a job. Nothing on your sausages tho brother which were the absolute nuts’. I cooked up a few for breakfast (I say breakfast it was nearer midday but as it was the 1st meal of the day I’ll stick with breakfast) and we tucked them in some crusty rolls with just a hint of sauce as we wanted to enjoy the flavours. Can I only suggest that next time we catch up you pass them over away from the eyesight of my family as with hindsight my only complaint is having to share with spouse and offspring. The pork and Italian herb were too good, I can still taste them. I need more as they are my new favourite sausage, my poor butcher is gonna get a earful in the week as the bar has been raised. Fantastic work Mr Fitz see you again soon and lets not make its so long next time (and honestly its not just because of the sausages ;).


    • Was brilliant to see you too!! And the kinda are growing up fast yet real well.. That’s real nice to see.. Glad you liked the Mr Fitz bangers.. I think I am getting to the stage were the markets beckon!! We will meet again sooner.. Will give you a shout when’re sausages are ready!! Let me know how the next lot go!! Remember they are much meatier, with pure pork and beef an touch of South African spice and no fillers!! Looking forward to today’s lunch pictures.. Mail them to


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