Saturday night take -IN .. Indian foods

Saturday night take away.. A forgone conclusion and ritual for some.. A couple drinks.. ‘Bad’ telly vision and a take out..

Nice night by all accounts!

How about a Take-in? Rather than out?

Still went and and had a couple of drinks at the local pub. .. Still watched Saturday night prime time telly.,

Yet had the Indian take in instead..

Simple as simple us these dishes . Lamb rogan josh . Thanks to the patak family for the recipe .. Ahem.. Chicken makahani . Thanks to the wate-err- roses family for that recipe.. Lamb keema with peas.. Thanks to the Shan family for that recipe. And a big thanks to my own Mama for the pre-made methi rotis and methi potatoes that she kindly cooked for us the day before.. Ummm who else?? Ahhh the gods of anyone’s choices of course.. My producer the director. All the makeup and studio.. Oops! I digress.. SNAP! and I’m back in the room. Hahahahahaha .. Huh hmmm x

All reheated into individual ramekins..

The breads warmed on the iron pan..

If you don’t have one of these you really should get one!!

So there we have it the TAKE- IN .. Didn’t get the poppadums though..
must e- mail myself about that..










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