Chicken supper … The reggae boys never cooled be running huh?

What a shame .. The cool running guys chaps didn’t pull it off .. Pants.. Even wore my hat for the occasion..

Let’s out that to one not so fast occasion huh?

Chicken supper.. A free rangey super chuck.. Plonked upon the chicken wire roaster .. I got this years ago before the fashion became about chicken on a stuck upwards ness . In an awkward kinda way…

It’s cool.. Only problem is.. Ev n with a very good Italian ‘super’ oven you need to remove all the racks etc.. Therefore limiting extra space!!

So mashed spuds if was.. With butter. Mace. Bristol blend pepper salt and nutmeg .. And jolly fine it was also!!

Cauliflower and peas as the entourage .. And if course a gravy ..

The best Sunday supper?



Cookie crumble Hagen das .. Now we talking huh??? X








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  1. I have a recipe, not on my site yet since I haven’t tried it yet, that places an open can of beer where the cage is and roasted as normal. I can understand how cooking it this way will not only flavour the chicken but keep it moist. I definitely will try it! Jack


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