Sausage rolls from scratcho

i don’t make my own pastry that often .. Yet inspired by my blogger pal Melissa at glen house this had to have a turn out.. 

Decided after looking at various suggestions from the Google gods on going it alone.. 

Starting with lard.. Irish lard .. And Italian 00 flour.. Great flour this from an Italian deli that is for the Italians.. It’s in a town about half hour from us.. So no inflated pricing! 


Equal weights of each .. 

Then adding water to make this strange dough.. 


Kneaded just a little .. And popped in the freezer for ten minutes or so.. 

Then pressed .. Rolled .. Folded.. And rolled.. Until.. Umm bored of that! 


Rolled out and the sausages that were made de skinned..( after all that palava with stuffing them in the first place!).. 


Brushed with egg and chopped into like two bite pieces.. 

Onto the baking sheet.. 


Into the oven for about thirty minutes.. I think.. Anyhoo.. Till they were golden -ish.. 


And a squidge of tommy k to have a snafflely taste.. 


I love the splodges.. 👌


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4 replies

  1. Yum! Usually not a fan of sausage rolls just because. Am never sure of what’s inside. Would definitely give these top quality rolls a try though!

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  2. They look damn tasty. I normally use puff pastry for my snagger rolls but I think this one deserves a go 👌

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