Homemade butter 

yeah you read that right.. 

Homemade butter !!! 

I tasted these wonderful sweet potatoe rolls in john Lewis .. Not in the cafe . In the demonstration area.. I love those things! ( missed the Magimix one ) ( don’t own one anyways).. 

So they will be made .. Here’s a photo of the recipe.. 


They don’t have handout cards wit it on and had to sweet talk the demonstrator to let me take this.. 😏

But back to the butter! 

Now it seems strange yet you need to leave it out all night.. Outta the fridge.. This was a reduced number from the coop.. It need to be the heaviest cream you can find.. 


Poured into a jar.. ( next time perhaps one with a tighter lid! ).. 

And shake the bee-jeeee-zusss out of it.. I mean seriously shake the heck out of it.. Perhaps over a sink.. As my shirt and counter tops found out.. 

So you do the shakey shake shakey.. 

And by some kinda miracle you get this! 


The liquid is pure buttermilk.. And if it hadn’t gone everywhere .. Then I coulda kept it.. 

Ahh well.. 

It then needs rinsing.. That is literally washing it with reverse osmosis water ( just cause we have that tap).. 


Until the water is clear.. It needs some squishing about too.. 


Bababoom .. 


Butter !! I added some maldon sea salt.. 

It’s stunning! 

I am never buying butter again! 



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    from the archives!


  2. I did that once with a butter kit my kids bought me, and I was shocked at how good the butter was! And I was worried that my arm would fall off, but it was just a few seconds!!! Delicious fresh butter!!!

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  3. How long did it take to shake the jar? Looks wonderful never made my own butter, I am intrigued.

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  4. Possibly obsessed … Possibly ahem



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