Sunday post 10k race lunch For Mrs Fitz

i am immensely proud of Mrs Fitz.. she did a ten K race for life.. In memory of her Dad.. 

Isn’t that great? 

So it is deserving of a post race ( in the rain by the way!)..

With beef ribs to be eaten.. They need a marinade.. Chimichurri of course and Mexican sauce.. 


They get placed on a rack, some water underneath and foil on top.. Just two hours this time.. At 150 .. 


They come out so so tender.. Those little bones slip out.. 

Now Mrs Fitz asks for roast potatoes.. So she will get them.. 

Boiled till knife point tender .. 

Left to cool.. Then using that wonderful homemade butter , some garden rosemary and French garlic.. 


They get popped into the oven till golden you brown and stunning! 

Fine French green beans.. Simply boiled with bay from my grandfathers garden.. 

The beef fried quick in more of that delicious homemade butter.. 

And of course served with chimichurri .. 

Chopped with coriander, Mexican oregano , red onion and a pinch of chilli.. Whizzed up with olive oil and sherry vinegar .. 


Till wonderful! A good pinch of salt added too of course!

Mrs Fitz was happy.. 


And I am still immensely proud of her.. 




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17 replies

  1. Well done Mrs Fitz what an achievement! And to come back to such a feast it must have made it all worth it!

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  2. Congratulations to Mrs Fitz! A winning meal to celebrate her accomplishment and refuel!

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  3. Bravo! I am a daddy’s girl too and I can totally understand the spirit behind the 10 k run.We are all equally proud of her. Congrats to both of you.

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  4. A 10k run is very pride-worthy indeed… As is that dinner.
    Well done Mr and Mrs Fitz 👍


  5. HOMEMADE BUTTER’? how do you manage to hold down a job as welll? superman – and congrats to Mrs Fitz for running for her dad –

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  6. And all your followers are v proud of her too. Well done Mrs Fitz:)

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