Salads.. Part one! Algerian 

I am not really a salad guy.. Well I have to admit that I do indeed like the cafe de Paris salad in Monte Carlo.. Ahem😏

Apart from that it’s a bit tough to get me to eat it.. Yet I decided that it’s gotta change.. So I decided to use the influences I am fortunate to have had travelling and blogging.. Each of this series is good enough stand alone.. With just some kinda grain.. You decide!

The first up was inspired by reading Le petit paniere blog.. Great food on there !

And this is so easy yet delicious.. And gets better after a few days sitting in the fridge.. As do all this series of salads..

So first burn Turkish peppers..

All over.. You could do this in a pan.. I am actually wishing I owned a plumbers blowtorch.. Must get one.. I hear they make awesome kebabs too!

Once all burnt over .. Place them in a bowl and cover with clingwrap.. It makes peeling them easier..

Meanwhile chop and fry off the aubergines ( they are not eggplants!)..  in olive oil ..

Till Goldeny all over.. Then put them in a colander .. While you chop up the onions.. Pink ones here..

Again cook till golden..

Then peel those peppers.,

Chop and deseed them.. There is hardly any seeds in them yet do get that fleshy stringy bit out..

Add everything together..

Adding salt and balsamic vinegar.. The best velvety one you have..

The tub it up!

It benefits from the tub.. And is best served at room temperature..

A cracking salad.. 👏👐👌


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  1. I’m glad you like it! 🙂


  2. A good looking eggplant salad my friend 😜

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