Salad days.. Part two morrocan carrots..  

Again on this salad trip.. And it’s a flavourful taste-full adventure for sure!

Again taking inspiration from my blogger buddy Le petit paniere..


Chopped and boiled..

In a pan add olive oil.. Harissa and cumin.. Warm that up..

Add in the carrots.. And a few squished garlic cloves..

A good fistful of chopped coriander.. A little salt and get ready..

This I am told is eaten all across North Africa.. Well it’s stunning.. Best eaten at room temperature .. And like all these salads, try keep for a week at least ..

Killer this one..

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9 replies

  1. Thanks Mr Fitz!:)
    Lapetitepaniere 🙂

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  2. We were just talking about how good carrots are yesterday. I fricking love ’em. This is for me 👌

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  3. I was ure your account had been hacked when I saw SALADS in the title! But in teue Mr Fitz, these are carrots with attitude! Never a dull moment in your kitchen! Look up Ottolenghi’s veggie recioes. You will love how he transforms veggies.

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