Homemade butter 

from the archives!

Cooking with Mr Fitz

yeah you read that right..

Homemade butter !!!

I tasted these wonderful sweet potatoe rolls in john Lewis .. Not in the cafe . In the demonstration area.. I love those things! ( missed the Magimix one ) ( don’t own one anyways)..

So they will be made .. Here’s a photo of the recipe..

They don’t have handout cards wit it on and had to sweet talk the demonstrator to let me take this.. 😏

But back to the butter!

Now it seems strange yet you need to leave it out all night.. Outta the fridge.. This was a reduced number from the coop.. It need to be the heaviest cream you can find..

Poured into a jar.. ( next time perhaps one with a tighter lid! )..

And shake the bee-jeeee-zusss out of it.. I mean seriously shake the heck out of it.. Perhaps over a sink.. As…

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