Back in Delhi -Indian adventures part three! Swimming pools in bedrooms and the only hardtop auto rickshaw in Delhi!

Time book this winters vacation… Hmm.. India again mebbe?

Cooking with Mr Fitz

This post is a bit of two sorts.. Firstly we have arrived back in Delhi.. For the final leg of our Indian adventures.. And oh my have we had some fun! And eaten done seriously good foods..

So where are staying know? Well we are at the lodhi.. This place is supercool. It’s at the top top end of Delhi.. It’s not a colonial place it’s a seriously modern number.. (Without the sparseness you normally assume!)..
Umm .. And did I mention that we have a pool? Umm IN our room? and not just a small number either! More than big enough and pretty high up four floors at least! This is a perfect place for us to finish this adventure.. pictures cannot tell you just how cool this place is!

So after s brief snooze to shake off the flight from Jaipur.. It was a little longer thus time…

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  1. If want peaceful, gentle….Kerala? Think you will love old Cochin. Or Sri Lanka?

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