All Butter sausage rolls

sausage rolls.. A classic.. Been a while since I made them for home.. I normally make them as a gift for various sorts.. A good sausage roll is a great thing! 

I had this all butter pastry needed using up.. 

So rolled out.. Sausages skinned and placed atop.. ( make sure the sausages ain’t too meaty.. Add stuffing if needed!).. 


With Nigella seeds, wild thyme, and shakeocini powder.. 

Rolled up… ( get the roll bit now?)..


Egg washed and chopped into bitey sized pieces.. Oven getting to 200 degrees real money..


From this…


To this..


In just twenty minutes!!! 

Cooled and snaffled up.. 


That buttery greatness!! ( not greased either!)..

Sausage rolls .. A winner every time..  


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15 replies

  1. I would marry a good snagger roll!!

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  2. Where have these been all my life?! Next time you feel the need to ‘gift’ them, please feel free to send Sateside! Cheers – Happy weekend!

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  3. Looking delicious👍


  4. Oh yeah! These looks wonderful paired with a pression!

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  5. These sausage rolls look delicious and anyone would love to be gifted with them.

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  6. That sure is one thing I miss here in the USA – a good old British sausage roll, yours looks amazing!

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  7. British Sausage rolls are the best! I had a friends mom make some for me one time and they were simply amazing but I never got the recipe… I’m will be making these VERY soon 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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  8. Looking good, bet they don’t last long!!

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