Chicken with beetroot & wild garlic flatbreads

chucken with beetroot? 

A simple shop for a few bits for supper..

A chicken.. Some salady bits.. And the beetroot that’s been sitting in the fridge a while.. 


Simple annointment with Mrs middletons pimped chilli oil, Bristol blend pepper and butter.. The beetroot peeled, chopped and placed around the chicken..  Into the oven for 90 mins.. It’s that easy..!
In the meantime weigh the same amount of plain flour as yoghurt.. A pinch of salt.. And whizz in the processor.. 


Just till you get a ball of dough.. 


No resting or proving needed! 

Taking some of the wild garlic leaves from the garden.. 

Chopped up and added to the dough balls prior to rolling.. 


Cooking them on the iron pan.. 


The chicken stripped down . The hounds getting a lovely supper! 


You have to remember that the juices will turn red from the beets.. (As will other things..).. 😉

I decided on some lamb too.. Fillet of lamb.. Beaten out.. With some polish seasonings.. 


The Rex ticket salad has crispy toasted pitta , crispy red onions and vine tomatoes added with the beets and tincy pieces of Italian lemon.. 


Delish-eee-oouuss   .. The beetroot is particularly tasty .. 


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  1. You an beat a roasted beet 😉 All looks delicious!

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