Blue ribbon fried chicken shhhh!

Ever heard of the blue ribbon sushi bar in manhattan?



Well actually nor had we.. Yet after a great recommendation from Robert at the Viceroy New York, we had to check it out .. Why?

It supposedly has some if the finest fried chicken in this part of town..

So on a promise from me that I would bring Robert some fried chicken back as a thanks (that sure beats a tip right?).. Off we set.

Umm problemo people problemo..

You see it’s that hot a spot they hide the entrance.. So unless you know you ain’t walking past.. Walking past? Oh yes THREE TIMES!!!

Mrs Fitz was getting quite upset with my consistent hmmm must be around here somewhere prose..

We did though find it in the end.. And the sign is tiny..

And the place is full! Yet with my best British accent and a beaming smile we managed to get seated at the sushi bar.. Right at the heart if the action of the obviously extremely wizened and highly trained sushi and sashimi chefs..

Now.. For those if you that know.. Shishies ain’t my bag.. And the Blue Ribbon is a Mecca for fans of this.. Yet watching the chefs work wax wonderful indeed, the sheer skill of cutting , selecting and presenting the non stop dishes was amazing. I wish I could have taken more pics yet I think I would have upset them.. It had that kind of vibe to it!

We ordered . Mrs Fitz not really liking the quite pretentious diners to each side if us , feck em I say.. And said!

Sushi for Mrs Fitz.. A smoked piece if pork belly for me that was very good indeed , and rich enough big to want more! That’s a first! And some really lovely and delicate pork dumplings..

The wasabi whacking you in the schnozzle!

And if course the fried chicken.. A wing a thigh and a breast.. With a soy honey and wasabi dipping sauce that was delightful .

So how was this fabled chicken? Well it was ok. A little different to regular buttermilk marinated fried chicken..

Yet different in a good way..

I think the provenance of the chicken may be in question. .. If only they could get franklins farm chicken out here . Now THAT would be wild!

I have to admit though that it was good chicken . And Robert declared to us after padding his over as a take out that it was the best fried chicken he had ever eaten! Wow! That’s a recommendation indeed! Guess I am just a little spoilt in chicken world.. Of maybe I prefer mine at little more homely . Yeah .. I reckons that’s it..

Do try find this place though. It’s worth a visit..

You don’t know the address? Or when you have the address you still cannot find it?

Oh ok..

Try 6 Columbus place.. Just near the time warner building..

Don’t look for the sign.. You may pass by three times .. Ahem..

And on the way back take a stop at Morton Williams and pick up a pint pot of salt caramel icecream with chocolate truffles .. Makes for a great in-room dessert!









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  1. Now that’s how you eat some chicken! Dive right into it. What’s the purpose of making the door invisible unless they want to keep the riff raff out.


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