Weber bbq burgers & bhatura breads..

For supper .. BBQ weber’ered up burgers.. Yeah some of those TEN kilos of burgers I made a while back… Flavors? Nah .. Out the window.. Shoulda used a sharpy when bagging them up.. For sure you can tell some of them.. The stronger numbers.. Anyways..

Took some out.. Did discuss with my pal about turning them into sausages.. Burger sausages? Sounds cool? Hmmm maybe like a steak sausage? Dunno.. He was convinced that it may be worth a shot.. Even a losing shot.. Was gonna try it..

I think the fact that in the history of burgers and sausages, links or snags.. Whatever you wish to call em.. It has never been a major feature.. That perhaps its a revolution too far.. Well for now anyways… X

So .. Heated up the coalage.. (My new name for pressed charcoals..) .. Actually its not that good huh?! X

Let’s start again.. Heated the coal thingys up in the chimney firestarter.. Got a proper furnace together! Yay!

Heat shot right up.. Ummm had to wait almost an hour for it to cool.. Placed said burgers on.. Lid on.. Lid off.. Lid on.. Lid off.. Like the karate kid waxing a car..

A salad of red, white & blue (nah just kiddin! No blue.. X ) cabbage, white onion, tomato, red lettuce, green an red pepper.. Bristol blend pepper.. And newmans eye-tal-ee-an dressing.. (Outta ranch)..

And then onto the tava to crisp up them lovely bhatura breads..

Smudgin them with aubergine paste.. Rose harissa.. And tahini sauce.. Enjoyed immensely whilst sitting under the stars.. Cool x

(And a small game for Mr Wentworth.. X chasing his pheasant.. Man that squeaks well!)

And for lunch today? A shared chicken sandwich.. And a shared fillet o’cow sarnie.. Shared with my icelandic pal.. X

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  1. Hi. I am sorry that the burgers weren’t the best but I agree with the recycling suggestion as long as you do it as you need them since refreezing the defrosted burger meat is not a good idea. By the way, the sausages you gave me were great. I grilled them and put them in a Scottish morning role from Tesco and had them for lunch. Superb. What was in them? X

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