Jacks Cheese pasta

This is from my pal Jack, he also gave me some milkthistle and lecithin tablets..as he has cancer he doesn’t need them anymore.. (His words.. X).. Thanks Jack x

“Hi. Well here it is. I cooked it tonight for my son and grandson who visited us today. It was my first attempt and it was very good.

Maybe a bit wersh. (Does anyone really know this word? Jack told me it the other day.. It means kinda like tart? Sour? Mouth sharpeningy thingy?)..

Should have added a little sugar when making the pomodora sauce.

I used Lord Byron’s best virgin olive oil brought to me as a gift from some market in Greece. Excellent. Plates were cleared.

I served chocolate éclairs with ice cream to finish. Altogether a very fine meal. I will certainly make it again.”

Well it ain’t for me Jack.. Too much on the cheese.. Yet am sure it Is lovely.. Reckon my attorney would like that one x thanks again for the tablets..

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