Thursday supper

What is ‘thursday’ ? Is ot Thors day? The chap with the hammer and those cool wings on his hat? And a great blue suit? Am I right? Dunno.. Anyways been an off an on weather day.. Matched with my convertible now making weird noises.. So that’s both cars in the shop next week.. Pants.. Feck.. Pants.. X

So.. To cheer me up? A few pints followed by those great pork rilletes.. This time smeared ontop of triple cut foccacia.. Drizzled … Drizzled? Isn’t that only for rain? Anyways.. Olive oil on and baked in the oven .. Just to go crispy.. Not too crispy no melba here.. Just a crunch..

With a salad of various bits.. Nice .. A good supper.. Then a walk with Mr Wentworth through the manor.. Found some strawberries and beetroots.. Eat the leaves together.. Then a strawberry each..

On another note my attorney.. A man of little words in mailing me his cuisine.. Yet many on the phone!! X has done the mackerel on the weber that I just have to try.. Like really.. I am looking forward for this.. Its gonna be a feature this weekend.. X

See the pics.. Get a little hungry like I have just!! X

(Plus for lunch that pasta.. And made some more sausages and also a pic of my pal Wally’ pigeon mate.. And he is a gunman!!)

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