Farming! Well.. PYO

Mrs Fitz came home the other day quite animated about this place that her pal SARAH G (in caps as I got told I just had to mention her!! X).. Its a pick your own yet not just strawbs and soft fruits.. Yet also..

Veg!! Loads of it! Various stuff.. All kinds..

Beetroots, different cabbages, spuds, onions, garlic.. Peas broad beans.. Broccoli..carrots Like a heap! And as the rest comes on you can get them also.. Its gonna be a feature on the shopping run for sure!!

Where is it? Ivinghoe.. Lovely village.. The place? Grove farm.. A blinkin gooey eyed deer if you ask me! So.. Off we set despite they said rain.. Nope.. No storms yet .. Yet..

Got a fork and a wheelbarrow.. Mrs Fitz in her wellys.. And a dress.. Me in soft shoes..yellow.. Can you tell which of us is from the country and which is a city dweller!!

Tromping along.. Discovering with gasps and squeals of delight all we wanted.. Met a lovely family from poland.. (Well hatfield..) X that’s their boy sebastian in the picture.. This is a place where adults and kids alike can understand that food don’t come from a store all the while.. X

Helped them out for a while.. They were newbies like us.. Idnt it great how food brings people together.. Everyone smiling and of course peeking into others barrows.. Just to check what they had! You could tell the seasoned ones.. They had chairs to rest an all kinds!

There was a wonderful sight of two old spanish couples.. In the carpark.. Table and the back of their jeep, pouring wine, sharing bread, meats and the newly picked foods.. I gave the ‘chief’ the thumbs up as we left the car park.. He followed suit.. A shared grin and real warmth in eye contact that said.. This is good.. X

What a beautiful way to spend a day.. Does it make me wanna get all HFW ???? Nah.. Yet will be going back for definite.. X

What to make with the spoils? Hmmm I kept thinking things as we picked.. The freshest samosas? Aloo tikka.. Just a plain jane potato salad.. Frittatas.. Tortillas.. Bubble & squeaks..pasta.. Dressed simply.. With fresh peas and soft garlic.. Its endless… Will have to see..

Whatever it will be.. It will be a joy… X

Thanks for a lovely day Mrs Fitz.. Reminds me why I fell in love with ya … X

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