PYO supper

It got a real stormy .. Real stormy indeed!

What did we do? Mrs Fitz loves the rain.. So we stood outside with brollys.. Mr Wentworth? He is not so sure on the rain.. He stood inside looking at the pair of mad eejits.. !

With that lovely produce? Straight boiled spuds.. Then twisted up Mr Fitz stylee.. Quick pan fry with a little butter, oil, salt and bristol pepper.. Man.. These were delicious.. Seriously delicious.. We eat them all!

And to go on the side? A little steak.. With onion and garlic gently softened.. When garlic is that fresh it really is not harsh.. Very soft and nice..

My attorney had also been getting ready to feast.. He had a bad experience with a chicken sarnie.. From a nasty retail store beginning with ‘T’.. I never liked them EVER! X

Yet the rains came in on him too.. This is what he had to say..

“Am feeling Better-ish marinated some lamb kabob Greek style. Then some haloumi kabob. Grilled some Aborigine to go with Greek yogurt mixed with loads of coriander I mean loads. And then a massive thunderstorm started. In the oven it goes :(”

Looks lovely.. Although am sure you coulda ‘Q’ued them with a heathfield kinda rain protector over you ..? X

Oh! And Mrs Fitz baked some cakes.. And shortbreads.. And donated some to the birds.. Mr Wentworth however quickly learnt that has some pretty good height on him now..! (We removed the cake post picture..x)

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  1. For some reason, the thread that you posted in about randomizing images in the Gallery was closed. I’ve answered you here


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