PYO hmmm? Samosa!

Decided to make samosas with the bountiful beautiful produce we worked hard to get.. X

Ok, so these aren’t the full on indian samosa.. Although the filling is the same.. The wrapper I’d chinese.. That stretchy chinese wrapper that makes for a good crunch.. And as it is only wheatflour, coconut oil, water & salt its not too bad I suppose..

Boiled the spuds.. Podded the peas.. Chopped onion and garlic still so so soft and delicate.. Added mango powder, garam masala, chili & salt..oh and some dill

Mushed it all up together..

Placed into wrappers and fold, fold, fold.. Fold.. Dah-daaah! 30 samosas later… Do remember though that these are quite delicate numbers.. Not big fat ones.. So they cook kinda quick!

Served with stokes ketchup.. Himalayan mint & garlic sauce (dissapointing), and this mad pakistani mint & coriander sauce.. Nice!

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