Supper? Tortilla & Salmon

Had some of the samosa stuffing left over.. Found some salmon the freezer.. A bag of good ‘steves’ leaves.. That’s Mrs fitz sorted! Little potatoes cakes with a you hurt sauce.. Dressed leaves with diced red an green peppers.. Salmon roasted with feta and mint.. All eaten by a hungry Mrs Fitz! X and a small bit of salmon for Mr Wentworth..

For me?.. Hmmm use up time… Some of the spuds dug the other day.. A red onion.. Some peppers.. A bag of the most delightful off-trim of spanish ham… Brought back from amsterdam.. Will only now in future buy those packets.. They are only 2 euros each.. A flippin bargain!! X peas and garlic.. Turned into a tortilla.. Was ok yet a little salty.. Never mind! It looked delicious! Maybe shoulda kept it and tried it again for lunch today.. Ah well.. Is cool.. X

Have got the hog casings ready for todays sausage making.. Going regular flavor.. Check it out laters x

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