30 July, 2013 22:16

Loganberry … Ontop of this bruchetta… Just a few.. That’s what woulda made this extra special.. I warmed up the pastrami for this.. Mrs Fitz not that happy ..Mrs Fitz is a fan of NYC pastrami.. Or the old school jewish salt beef.. Who’d believe it!! A full on Irish catholic gurl.. Diggin the salt beef..mind you..

She loves eating cows.. A little against my hindu slash Buddhist slash irish roots.. Yet I geddit.. I geddit even more as Mrs Fitz during all of supper reminds me of warming up the pastrami.. (Ok pan frying it..) X Mrs Fitz

Yet the addition of a small fruit like a loganberry maybe a beautiful addition.. In..facto.. YUP I agree.. It would and SHALL be a good-un.. X

The salad stuff..? Regular small leaves.. Carrots (dug up the other day .. Thanks SARAH G.. For that tip! X )

And smushed tomatoe & garlic on the small piZza style bread.. Spanish style.. Beautiful!

Addition of pomegranete lebanese sauce and italian balsmaic reduction.. LSD cooking this!

Flavors abound!

And todays sausage? A pork and herbed up number.. Reckon I got too big a diameter in hog skin.. So instead of jumbos.. Or salamis.. (Perhaps that what they are for!!) Have made bangers.. Small sguadjey bangers.. ) I reckon they will be perfect.. Oven roast like my bestest pal in the welsh valleys taught me years ago.. Slow & low.. He lived in a YMCA at the time.. O used to wake him up with a bamboo cane through the letter box as it could just reach his single metal bed.. Least he had a bed………. X

They are in the fridge now, the magic box as it used to be called.. By my brother in law that I am immensely proud of.. He has done so well.. As a chef.. And I recall when me and Mrs Fitz left him in the penthouse apartment.. (Ok top floor.. Ahem) no lift either! To marinate and rub the lamb joint for 4 hrs!! X .. Did he do it? Well he ‘said’ he did.. Reckon he looked outta the window and jumped back just in time for us to think he did.. Blinkin good lamb that day though!

Thanks Johnny boy x

Right enough ree-man-issing for now.. Nite

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