Burgers for supper -buns from scratch 

Houston we have a problem.. Well ignoring Houston (sorry Houston!)..

The problem?

The distinct lack of good burger buns.. Yup we have bakers heavy and supermarkets ranging from the ‘budget’ to the ‘gourmet’.. None of them carrying buns for burgers of any distinction.. 

So only one thing for it right? 

Make em..

A dough made up like a ciabatta bread.. 


Just a small amount.. Left to do its thing in the hot press  .. 
Then knocked down into three rounds.. (These aint the burgers!).. 

And sprinkled with sesame seeds,


They go into  a hit oven for about twenty minutes.. 

They didn’t quite get the light texture I was hoping.. Yet hey., you can only try right? And I know that these are for sure better than any store bought ones round the parts y’all!  
Freezer foraging unearthed sone burgers that were made up of pulled beef and ground beef.. 


Into the buns..

And a fistful of sweet potato fries.. 


Quick supper.. 

Tasty.. Will think about another type of bun I reckons..  

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  1. I you’re going for the brioche type, butter and egg make them nice and light. My preference is a sourdough.

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