Short rib Sunday lunch 

short ribs make a great slo cook number..


Browned on one side ala Rory kelly ( the bicycle thief).. 

On top of this mixed veg of parsnip, carrot, white onion and cabbage.. With fresh thyme .

And the last of the leftover products .. A puddle of gravy..


Lid on.. 8 hrs.. 

In the meantime made some yorkies..ala Delia recipe.. They didn’t all get puffy.. Yet darn tasty!

 And had these great purple sprouts..


Popped off the stalk and into a pan with great smoked middle bacon. 

 Roasted off.. 

Also did fine French green beans.. And chopped brussel tops..

And of course delightful roasted potatoes done in excellent Mrs Middletons oil.. It does make exceptional roasties..

All put together and a dollop of horseradish..


Really not much to say apart from it was wonderful .. And made us very sleepy indeed..  

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  1. It all looks wonderful. I’ve never seen the purplish sprouts before – they are really pretty, for sprouts that is. I am inspired by your idea of roasting them with smoked bacon.


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