5 Guys and REAL FRIES!

Had to do it.. Felt bad.. Actually didn’t! X

5 guys Is that reliable, honest and you know what you are getting ‘fast food’.. Not like the ‘clown’ at all!

There is something great about being able to add a ridiculous amount of toppings, most for free.. To a couple of patties that are cooked fresh in record time for you.. I really like it.. And the best bit?


They tell ya where the potatoes have come from for that day (normally Idaho of course), they chip em.. And double fry them.. Leaving some peel on them..

Why oh why oh why can’t we manage to do this in the UK? Why are we forced to have frozen inferior numbers? Be they Steak fries, (just bigger versions of the already poor relatives) .. Battered ones (really?).. Or regular looking ones.. Yet no taste what-so-ever!

Good fresh cut chips should never be left on a plate.. Everyone loves em.. Sure you can top them off with whatever you like yet the underlying thing is that when they are good they are good.. Any fat.. Duck, Beef, Corn, sunflower, peanut, vegetable.. Don’t care! (Actually I do!) (Ahem).. (X).. Just make them REAL!!

Ok.. Am off my potato box now..

Good burger .. Great fries x

Thanks 5 guys x

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