5 Guys and REAL FRIES!

Had to do it.. Felt bad.. Actually didn’t! X 5 guys Is that reliable, honest and you know what you are getting ‘fast food’.. Not like the ‘clown’ at all! There is something great about being able to add a… Read More ›

Trump Soho New York

Sorry no posting.. Been mad busy! New York right now has wonderful weather.. Very comfortable and makes you smile.. X Went over to see a pal at Trump Soho.. Very nice property, great location in a lovely part of NYC….. Read More ›

Hot Diggidy Dog!

Hotdogs…  You gotta love Hot Dogs..  even those weird Tofu ones.. Now I am not talking those canned numbers that just mush up.. although they do also have their place at times.. I am talking fine quality ‘dogs’.. I have… Read More ›