Trump Soho New York

Sorry no posting.. Been mad busy!

New York right now has wonderful weather.. Very comfortable and makes you smile.. X

Went over to see a pal at Trump Soho.. Very nice property, great location in a lovely part of NYC.. Real nice avenues, a great vibe, and definitely a part of the city worth investigating.. Food is happening in this part of town, sure hells kitchen is always reliable and kinda fun, yet this part of town has some extra class about it.. I for sure will be coming back to explore it further with Mrs Fitz.. X

Anyhoo.. Lunch! After sitting up in a most amazing suite.. Seriously amazing.. I took lunch..

Now you know I aint big on fish yet went surf & turf-esque.. Black Miso cod.. Kobe pot stickers and Kobe short ribs.. Oh and some kinda fish tempura.. And I don’t really gel with the seaworld!

Good tasty flavors, nice presentation.. Clever.. And I got to feel good about my foray into Nemo land x

good.. Yet I think that’s enough shishies for now.. See ya!

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