WENDYS! Square burgers!

I miss Wendys Burgers.. Dunno why yet have good memories of them.. Being amazed at the square burgers.. A stack of em x

I used to travel into London specially to get them.. Imagine my horror one day when I was first dating Mrs Fitz & she was over from Eire.. All the way to Wendys.. Yet.. GASP! It had been taken over by ‘that clown’!!! Ahhhrrggg!

I don’t think any are left in the UK now? Perhaps even europe.. Must google that..

Anyways.. After my holy virtuous swagger into nemo-land , I weren’t really feeling it.. Love the sign though x

Maybe tomorrow? Yet 5 guys is calling.. X

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  1. If Wendy’s burgers tantalized your tastebuds, these gentlemen will send them on a trail of no return. http://nicholiovich.wordpress.com/2013/05/04/bon-appetite-new-york-style/


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