Hot Diggidy Dog!

Hotdogs…  You gotta love Hot Dogs..  even those weird Tofu ones.. Now I am not talking those canned numbers that just mush up.. although they do also have their place at times.. I am talking fine quality ‘dogs’..

I have been lucky enough to have eaten them all around the world.. and as Mrs Fitz says.. they all smell the same! Hahaha x

Hmmm .. now the best ones? dunno really.. Amsterdam ones serve their purpose well.. (ahem) , New York ones do make you smile! Although I do think that the ‘dirty water dogs’ are better.. Sweden has superb ones.. and if you are stuck in Oslo without much cashola they will fair you well.. x  Frankfurt? Despite the name.. alas no dogs.. not street dogs anyways..  And CORN DOGS! WOWEE! what an invention.. you get it all.. Dog, Crisp and salty sweet coating.. piping hot.. and a stick to play with afterwards.. my mate Fulham Dave loves em to pieces!

Must say that the German ones in the jar are mighty fine.. the ones on the fresh counter in the world renowned london food halls are out of this world.. (and most pockets!) Even the Ikea classic.. it does it’s job..

The ‘fixins’? I kinda like them all.. they all have a special place in Hot Dog land.. the right balance for the right occasion.. You decide.. x

ipodpaulie 139 oscar

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