Jack’s Sole au Whisky.. (he is a Scot after all!)

Here is Jack’s favourite starter. If you use fennel then obviously it needs
to be finely chopped, quantity to taste and lightly fried for a little
longer. you need to watch not to burn the garlic or the fennel.
Hope you like it. (can’t stand prawns me-self x)
Sole au Whisky
Serves 2
Melt 25g butter
Fry Dover or Lemon Sole fillets gently for 2-3 mins each side and keep warm
Melt 15g butter
Gently fry1 large clove of garlic, 2 Star Anise or chopped fennel
Add 4 tbsp whisky and stir until reduced slightly
Lower heat and simmer 200g crushed tomatoes for 5 mins
Add and heat through
100g prawns
125 ml double cream
Taste and adjust seasoning
Plate fish and serve with creamy prawn sauce

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  1. Will the whisky catch fire and burn your house down?


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