Time for Grown ya Own spuds!

Its that time of year again.. The attempt of growing spuds, its an important thing really..

Like a rite of passage! Ok.. So for sure you can buy great spuds from the markets and stored these days, yet there is something truly amazing and immensely pleasurable about the ones you have ‘looked’ after..

This year we have in order left to right! Pentland Javelin, Wija and Duke of York.. All donated kindly by my mate Jimmy. He plants loads of these and to be sure he know his onions! Ahem.. Ok potatoes in this case!

There they are sitting pretty.. Doing their thang.. Waiting to chit.. Very important the chitting.. Then into the bath with them.. (Pic of last years below x)

Will keep posting as we progress!

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  1. Just planted 3 potato grow bags today with 4 charlottes in each. Ran out of compost so only covered them with about an inch. Will go to B&Q on Wednesday when I get my golden discount.
    Plan is to plant a few more but I am thinking of planting some carrots in a couple of bags with a much looser soil (with some added sand) and feed regularly to see if I can get larger carrots this year.


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