Remember that Smoked pork from Cork english market?

Well, found it in the fridge.. Not ‘foouund’ so to speak.. I knew it was there.. Had this moment of panic! Wondering just how long does smoked pork in a vacpac last for? Dunno?

Yet this seems fine.. Lovely and smokey.. Seriously .. Someone needs to invent scratch and sniff for smartphones, tablets, monitors and any other viewable device.. This smells unbelievable! Beautiful.. (If you like smokey things that is.. ) (Mrs Fitz who is still full of the cough and has just got new medicine from the docs..she don’t like it) I DO!! X

So.. What to do with it? Hmmm gone for cutting into thick strips.. Would have liked to have cooked the lot as a lump.. Would have been a waste.. Its rare this stuff.

I only know that the best stuff is from the English market in Cork City Eire.. And boy oh boy its good.. And I don’t get it often!

If you don’t know the English Market in Cork.. You need to Google it.. And then visit.. Its an institution.. A riot of loveliness.. (Can you have a lovely riot?) You can here!

Will post more about that another time..

Back to the Pork.. Gonna make it lovely an crispy .. Smokey, crispy, salty and the addition of a small piece of brown sugar just at the end.. Let it caramelize… I cannot wait!

Served with?

Simple plain rice I reckon.. Some quick fried greens with garlic and ginger.. Finished off with Togorashi ? japanese spice..


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