Liz amsterdam Parathas

‎Smoking a pancake in amsterdam? Nah.. eat paratha instead baby x Smoking the paratha.. welcome to amsterdam.. Nice one Liz.. good cooking.. look flaky and delicious.. need ghee though.. trust me.. x One love ( in that Mr Bob Marley… Read More ›

Maoz Amsterdam

Why oh why oh why can’t we have more of this chain across the globe? One of the bestest freshest pit stop fast foods I know of.. (Mrs Fitz loves ’em too! X) For those that don’t know its falafels… Read More ›

Amsterdam Roots Festival

Have arrived in glorious sunshine to amsterdam.. Am attending the ‘ROOTS festival’.. From what I understand the last day of a week of various happenings across the city.. All with an international flair.. Lovely in the park after a tram… Read More ›

Merguez In Marseille

Meguez.. Yummy doodle doo x I LOVE Merguez.. I just gotta say it.. Wear it on a t-shirt? Perhaps not.. (Apart from the occasional spillage on the ol’ shirt!) Yet I do indeed love Merguez.. There is something majestic about… Read More ›

Hot Diggidy Dog!

Hotdogs…  You gotta love Hot Dogs..  even those weird Tofu ones.. Now I am not talking those canned numbers that just mush up.. although they do also have their place at times.. I am talking fine quality ‘dogs’.. I have… Read More ›