Lebanese kinda style broccoli maybe ?

Was in a search the freezer for food kinda mix ‘ .. Is this like the fanciful paleontology diet?

Based on a hunter gatherer kinda affair ? Not sure x must be .. I hunted and gathered right? And it’s getting cold like the Stone Age ?

Yet after masterfully hunting a pack of lamb mixture that was destined for future sausages maybe it’s true?

To begin..

Pan fried yellow , orange , red Romano peppers with spring onions and celery .. Giving me that holy trinity of a base right ?

Added some pimped up mrs Middletons roscoff garlic oil .. Man that is coming into its own world for sure x

And the most delicious lamb herbed up from the east number… All browned off .. Added some part cooked broccoli spears.. And the pice de resistance. ?

A few middle boiled eggs .. And some chicken stock..

Wow wee wow wowsers x a rockin dish for sure .. Not quite as rockin as Father Fitz watching the fun lovin criminals tonite at the milkweg in Amsterdam..

And after a great call with my attorney wrapped it up with half a frozen curly wurly x his foot is outta the ‘tag’ so it’s game on again x

That was a frickin cool supper x trust me .. I am the son of a doctor … And don’t they know who I think I am huh??? Hahahahahaha







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  1. Looks like you made a pretty solid and delicious meal! Great work!


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