Merguez In Marseille

Meguez.. Yummy doodle doo x

I LOVE Merguez.. I just gotta say it.. Wear it on a t-shirt? Perhaps not.. (Apart from the occasional spillage on the ol’ shirt!)

Yet I do indeed love Merguez.. There is something majestic about it.. Dunno why, perhaps the flavors of far flung places? The meaty, fattiness with that salty tang? The soft yet still chewiness.. Paired with the kinda bread that cuts your mouth and when you spit you aint sure if its bloody or just that hedonistic smatter of juice.. (Much much better than it reads!)

Hard to come by at home the Merguez.. Good job really, udder-wize I would snackle them all the time!

Ooh! Real good ones in amsterdam at a great butcher near Fathers house.. Not so good ones at the farmers market I go to.. Those ones lack the ‘roostik’ charm and flavors.. Designed for those that think they are well heeled one regrets… X

Yet France? YUP YUP YUUUUUP.. They gotta it right.. (Oh and Marrakesh in the medina, yet that’s another post..).. You see.. That’s what happens with Merguez.. Its one of those foods that instantly teleports you to the memories you have had eating them.. The smell of the dusty heat as you stand in the street, motor fumes blasting your sinuses, or the cold trickle of rain on your back as you shiver whilst trying not to burn ya fingers or stain them red..

Well this time was equally memorable and delicious.. The addition of fried chips and the freshness of that days bread just makes you smile.. Eaten in the street, with the sun on my skin.. The noises of a busy port close by.. And a good ice cream for pudding x

Man.. Life is good sometimes.. X

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