Marseille fish!

The port of Marseille.. Not deserved of its sometimes ‘hoochy’ reputation.. This year is the capital of culture.. Its really quite nice.. The port look lovely and am staying at the truly magnificent new Hotel Dieu.. It feels very regal indeed .. Lots of people coming just to take a look at it.. They have had to add more security!! (At the locked gates to turn them away!) X

Still wandering along the port is tres magnifique (french huh! Check me out!)

And although my aversion to the animals of the seas.. It is wonderful to see the shishies being sold straight off the boats into the hands of happy looking folk! It makes you wonder as to what they are going to do with them.. As you look at their body language and see the seriousness in their purchasing..

Oh! Oh! And the tomatoes! A joy to see.. Lovely ripe ones.. The way they should be.. No dutch hothouses with lovely mis-leading vines to create the aroma.. (Although am sure they are in fact spanish… Right now.. X)

Nice pleasant weather also x

Off sailing.. Bon voyage!

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