Gastronomic in Vieux Port

Very fancy pants eaterie in Vieux Port Marseille..

Loosely translated as ‘table of the south’ this is deemed to be one of the best.. This is French haute cuisine.. Not really my bag to be honest.. A lot of fluff and drapery.. Substance? Nah.. Style? Yeah..

Anyways you gotta try these things.. (Or do you really? Does it just encourage them…? X) So..

Bread.. A strange pastry like bread with onions and mustard seeds.. With seaweed butter.. Its ticking all the intolerance buttons for sure!

Amuse bouche.. A foam of cold peaswith tiny croutons.. (I recall when Father got Mrs Fitz to eat a pea.. Dinner at his house .. Mrs Fitz really didn’t want to eat it! One pea!! She loves em now.. X).. Thank the gods it wasn’t cold pea foam though.. I am not sure that is: 1) a good starter into eating peas
2) Something that you should actually do with peas..

And to ‘begin’..

Mushroom soup.. Real thick.. Definitely mushrooms.. Hot by the way! Far far too thick.. Like a gravy that has set in the fridge..
Bouillabaisse.. My pal Fulham Dave swears on the stuff.. He would have loved this superstarred ‘take’ on this.. Me..? If I HAD to have it again.. I think I would rather go for ‘dare’ instead.. You get me right?..
Pigeon.. Strange I know when by the sea.. Yet as you know reader.. I ain’t the greatest with the animals of the sea..

Great pud though.. All sweetie and lack of sleep inducing… Cool! X

And.. I know its a thing.. Yet does the guy have to explain everything that is contained in each dish.. ? Like EVERYTHING?? Hahhaha x

Nice views out of the windows to the port though..

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