The Butchers.. Marseille..

I heard of this place.. Not just on the interweb.. Yet I have heard of this place.. Dunno were to be fair.. Yet I know it was spoken with hushed tones.. Like a place that was not quite on the tracks.. Cool x

Originally I think it was a butchers ‘proper’ and when you sit and eat you can still hear the sound of the saw against bones.. Off putting for some yet one of those dantes (just being clever now.. Feck must be getting cultured since been en france..hahha x) places that you think may be like a truck stop before the great elevator downstairs into the infernos!!

It feels temporary.. Like someone will catch you here.. Raw meat, cooking station, good wine.. A buzzing clientele all here to feast on the sacrifice of the beasts.. And great beasts at that.. Very special I am told and see in the window..

This is a really unassuming joint in a very unassuming part of town.. Its cool.. Not in the hip sense just down to earth death meets food cool.. In the pictures attached it is me that has ‘complcated’ and ‘dressed’ the food..
It comes as is. And as is is good.. No is better than good.. (Compli-mackay-ated that sent-tance!) X

Its a journey I reckon worth making.. And figuring the number of people arriving I am glad I had an early table.. And that was not easy.. Thank the gods for Audrey the Head concierge at the hotel dieu.. You want to get the tables of fancy in Marseille? Stay at the inti.. I promise.. And if you are lucky enough to get her influence.. You are sure for the not possible to be the possible.. (No trust me!) X

The staff are superb.. Yet am sure am gonna meat (like that huh? Check me..).. On that downstairs elevator.. Yet they for sure will be one of the many I have found serving the snacks as you descend…x

It’s a loreal this one.. You are worth it.. (Unless Vegan, Vege, fear your gods. Etc etc etc.. X)

Oh! And like all around here.. Desert is beyond haribo tastic.. X

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  1. Try the riz de veau! Best meal at “La boucherie”!



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