A cocktail first.. (the FitzBerg)

Am visiting a pal at the Amsterdam Andaz.. They are still in a meeting.. So while I wait..

The cocktail shaker was inventing.. Mixology..
I just happened to be present.. Ahem..

So he added.. Cachacha, Rabarcello (this is very cool and from holland like a limocello yet rhubarb.. I need some x), lemon juice, Orgeat (almond syrup), elderflower, lemon bitters.. fresh cucumber.. Muddled.. Over rocks of ice..

Very summery and fresh.. Real soft in the mouth and naturally dangerously easy to drink..

And like naming a star.. I got it first..

Ask for it by name.. Marcel twists it up.. Wicked stylee..

The name?

The FITZBERG x (only available at the Andaz Amsterdam..)

You gotta try when in Amsterdam.. The first one is on me.. (Will have to mail you check though..x)

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  1. Thanks for your compliment! We worked 3 years on it and it’s just been out. To find out about our story behind it and where to buy or how to order Mister Kitchen’s Rabarcello, do check the website!



  1. Best of 2013 – July | Cooking with Mr Fitz

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