Maoz Amsterdam

Why oh why oh why can’t we have more of this chain across the globe?

One of the bestest freshest pit stop fast foods I know of.. (Mrs Fitz loves ’em too! X)

For those that don’t know its falafels served in warmed whole or white pitta.. Fresh fried falafels.. They don’t re-heat that well despite the delis counters in the supermarkets telling you otherwise! So .. That crispy fried outside with the softy middle.. I like and make mine a little more herbed up and spiced up.. Still again this is pit-stop food..

They place them into the pitta.. With iceberg lettuce and hand it over.. You can then add whatever salad you like.. Until the pitta has gone… And loads of sauces on offer.. Real good stuff.. (My suggestion is take out most of that iceberg that they stuff in the bottom and top of the pitta.. Its there for bulk.. And perhaps a little crunch.. Mainly bulk though..

You can hit the salad as many times as you can/like.. X

Its very good.. Very good indeedo.. X

More please..

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